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Bahasa Budaya Organization

Founded and established in 2010 for language and culture documentation. Bahasa Budaya has created and committed numerous documentation program within books, photography, and film documentaries.

Sumatra and Nusa Tenggara Dictionary

Created in book and digital platform by the founder of organization, Mirna Marini D. Arifin. 

Language Learning Program

Bahasa Budaya has conducted Indonesian language learning or in house training for companies, non profit organizations, and public classes. 

Our clients are L'oreal, United Nations, Oxfam GB, Ebeya Group, Doo San Korea, and more.



Involved in numbers documentation, Jakarta that was commissioned by European Union from 2013-2015 with the documentary series with City One Minutes and Citybooks. 

The work had done by our founder and documentarian, Mirna Marini D. Arifin


The digital Platform of Indonesia's morphology, then we named it as Picture Dictionary, with the description of Indonesia's grammatical usage. Created by Mirna Marini D. Arifin

Consultancy Services

 Recognising your market, an convey your messages to your future potential customers. For whom who are investing in Indonesia, and Indonesian businesses who is planning to go international.

Communicate your companies or products. Reach us at lingua.internacional@gmail.com for the best offer.

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