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Bedhaya Sapta is a local traditional Yogyakarta dance created within the time of Mataram Kingdom in the 17th century, under the rule of Sultan Agung. The King, Sultan Agung, at the time was inspired by the Queen of South Sea, Ratu Kidul. Ratu Kidul was at the first time watched Sultan Agung anxiety, then the queen created the dance of Bedhaya Semang. Semang  means anxious, this is an implication of the Sultan’s feeling at the time.

Since then, Sultan continued to created dances. Bedhaya Sapta is a re-creation by the king of Sultan Hamengkubuwono IX in re-telling the story of his predecessor, Sultan Agung. Bedhaya Sapta is one different dance than the other Bedhaya dances. As according to its name sapta that means seven, then Bedhaya Sapta brought by seven dancers. The value of the seven dancers, the philosophy of the numbers could be found within our book Bedhaya Sapta that is written by Mirna Marini D. Arifin.

Besides re-telling the history of Mataram Kingdom in the 17th century, the book is written in compact re-telling the sufism in Bedhaya dance practices. To know more, visit our publication, and find the book of Bedhaya Sapta.

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