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Bedhaya Sapta is a photography book that was written in the background of Mataram Kingdom under the ruler of Sultan Agung. Sultan Agung created Bedhaya dance together with The Queen of South Sea.

Then the story of Sufism has also written in this book, where the dancers as the microcosmos are dancing while prayers during the dance for their creator as macro cosmos.

Writer: Mirna Marini D. Arifin

Photographer: Fendi Siregar

Forewords by Dr. Theresia Suharti

(Maestro of Javanese dance, and a book writer of Bedhaya Semang)

Forewords in Essay by Heri Dono

(Indonesian Visual and installation artist)

Pages: 222 pages

Indonesian for Beginners is an Indonesian language book for non-native Indonesian.

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Writer: Mirna Marini D. Arifines

Publisher: Bahasa Budaya

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