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English learning program is designed for professional English learners, in a purpose for business or academic usage. The English learning program is a

a. General English Learning (regular programs)

With four levels of learning

  1. Beginner,
  2. Basic,
  3. Intermediate, and
  4. Advance

b. Presentation skill and Conversation (One day workshop)

c. Creative writing (One day workshop for professionals)

d. Business Writing (For Intermediate level students)

The regular program of General English will take 20 sessions, 1,5 learning hours, 30 hours learning in total. Our learning program provided as;

  1. In-house training Our language teacher will visit the company site, and conduct the language training
  2. Private lesson the learning sessions in company’s offices or resident of the students
  3. On-line or distance learning that is more comfortable for students to receive their lessons without travelling to our language center, and attend the class only by connecting to the internet and Skype, and have the teacher conducted the class online
  4. Intensive learning, is a one day learning of 8 hours session in one day, is also efficient to learn the language

For more information on the classes modules, and schedule please write to our email

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