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Documentary film is a program of documentation for our local cultures in Indonesia. Documentary films are conducted by Bahasa Budaya in program that is designed to document local rare culture. For example our documentary Bedhaya Sapta is a documentary that is documenting the traditional Yogyakarta dance, from th motions of the dance, costumes, accessories, rehearsals, dancers, the maestro, to the dance performance. An assignment and commissioned by the culture organization of Pujastungkara Agung. The film is followed by the photography book. To see the book, visit out publication menu.

While our series of Jakarta One Minutes Documentary have our founder Mirna Marini D. Arifin commissioned by the Erasmus Huis, The Netherland Embassy in Indonesia, City One Minutes, Belgium,  from 2013 and published in 2015. The series of Jakarta livig in 24 hours, the sotry from the daily lives, to urban living. The documentary film is followed by the book that had written by three national novelists, and one photographer.

To view Bedhaya Sapta and Jakarta One Minute Series, visit the thumbnails within this documentary film section.

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